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The I AM program is our kidney protection & restoration program.

There are three phases to the program-

Phase One: “COVER”

During this phase, our goal is to “cover” or protect the kidneys to stabilize your GFR by:

  • Reducing/eliminating stress on the kidney
  • Increasing Blood flow to the kidney
  • Stabilize your blood pressure 
  • Reduce blood sugar levels
  • Build better gut flora to boost immune system function
  • Nutrient & Antioxidant Support

Phase Two: “REMEMBER”

During this phase, our goal is to help your kidneys “remember” how they are designed to function when they aren’t under so much stress by:

  • Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels 
  • Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Strengthening the kidneys 
  • Light exercise 
  • Maintaining healthy & balanced gut flora
  • Nutrient support 

Phase Three: “RESTORE”

During this phase, our goal is to “restore” natural function to the kidneys by:

  • Regenerating new tissues of the heart & kidneys
  • Increasing flexibility of the blood vessels 
  • Maintaining and A1C of 5.6 or lower
  • Maintaining healthy blood pressure for your age
  • Maintaining healthy gut flora balance
  • Maintaining a balanced Whole Foods diet


The I AM Program also include three tiers-

Tier 1 is for those who have mastered self discipline and won’t need much assistance. It Includes:

Initial Consultation(Bloodwork evaluation, medicine research & medical history for formulation of your tinctures) If you paid for consultation already, $150 will be credited & taken from your total. 

Full protocol PDF 

1-2 tinctures specially formulated to fit you 

 2 Bags of Tea

Vitamins & Minerals List to include dosages and when to take them

Client Portal Access which houses the following(access begins Dec.16 2022):

  • 7 Day Sample Meal Plan
  • Juice & Meal Recipes
  • Foods to Avoid
  • Low Glycemic Index Food List
  • Supplements List & Schedule
  • Lymphatic Exercise Videos
  • Breath work Videos
  • Mindfulness Meditation Videos
  • Supplement Educational Videos
  • How Hypertension hurts the kidneys
  • How Diabetes Hurts the kidneys
  • How to monitor fluid in & out 
  • Signs to look for

Tier 2 is for those who would like the security of knowing they have more access to assistance and support and don’t want to wait in the emails with the general population if you have a question or concern. It includes all of the tier 1 perks plus-

  • Access to private IG where you can experience community and DM us privately for assistance.
  • Access to monthly coaching call.

Tier 3 is for those who have more going on and will need direct assistance and frequent check ins. It includes all of the perks of tiers 1 & 2 plus-

  • Bi-weekly appointments to evaluate any labs or results from doctors

  • Text message access to reach us directly during business hours. 


Please note, we are not doctors, nor “healers”. Based on our experience and work with self and others in the community, we educate you and equip you with the confidence and information necessary to assist your body in doing what it was naturally designed to do. The work is yours to do!  

This information is provided for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. 

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Please keep in mind that we are a small business. All of your products are made from all natural and organic ingredients, BY HAND, with love, high vibrations, and good intentions! Unfortunately, we are not Amazon Prime, and though we look forward to shipping this fast in the future, we currently have a 3-5 business day processing time. THIS IS NOT INCLUDING YOUR SHIPPING DATES. Ex. You purchase 2 day shipping, you still have the to wait the processing time. Although we strive to, and most times are able to, get your package out before the 3-5 day mark, please respect the time frame, trusting that your products will arrive and be ready to indulge in healing! 

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