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Eli’s Gift(Digestive Health)

Eli’s Gift(Digestive Health)

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Many of you know about the condition of our eldest son who is only four. We’ve been battling digestive issues which have resulted in repetitive hospital stays over the last two years with no diagnosis. He has an ileostomy now which makes things much more complicated, but we are fighting to find a diagnosis and ultimately a cure.

As his parents, we wish we would have been educated on herbal medicine prior to his surgery to get his ileostomy because what we know now could have possibly prevented a ton of what he’s gone through. However, we have formulated this product for him, our family(struggle with digestive issues and slow motility), and you! 

Eli’s Gift May assist with:

  • IBS 
  • Constipation
  • Digestive issues due to over work, lack of exercise, & poor diet
  • Stimulating the flow of digestive juices
  • Reducing gas and bloating 
  • Elimination 

As imagined, this product is near and dear to us as it holds so much sentimental value! We trust that it will be a great addition to your medicine cabinet and your overall health! 

Ingredients: Gentian Root, Ginger Root, Artichoke Leaf, Orange Peel, Fennel Seed, Cardamom Seed, & Veggie glycerin. 

Directions for consumption:

Take 30min before meals. Don’t eat anything sweet after for 30 min. Drink water only!
This allows the bitters to do their job lubricating the GI tract.

Drink 3/4 your body weight in oz of spring water up to a gallon a day.
Eat a diet of 90% fruits & 10% veggies.
No meat, no dairy, no processed foods, no refined sugars.

Take a picture & your body weight before hand. Take Tincture & follow recommendations for 90 days for best results. 

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Please keep in mind that we are a small business. All of your products are made from all natural and organic ingredients, BY HAND, with love, high vibrations, and good intentions! Unfortunately, we are not Amazon Prime, and though we look forward to shipping this fast in the future, we currently have a 3-5 business day processing time. THIS IS NOT INCLUDING YOUR SHIPPING DATES. Ex. You purchase 2 day shipping, you still have the to wait the processing time. Although we strive to, and most times are able to, get your package out before the 3-5 day mark, please respect the time frame, trusting that your products will arrive and be ready to indulge in healing! 

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