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Bloodwork Basics Virtual Workshop

Bloodwork Basics Virtual Workshop

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Over the past three years, health awareness has increased as we’ve faced pandemics & more and more pre-mature deaths from preventable disease. Fear has spread rapidly, life spans have shortened, the sheer noise of a prescription based healthcare system has caused us to become content with managing illness & living sick instead of ridding our bodies of illness & functionally optimally.

This virtual workshop dives into the components of a plethora of Bloodwork tests to assist you in understanding what they mean, how they function in the body, what they indicate when high or low, & key indications that point to dis-ease in the body. 

As a species, how do we become proactive instead of reactive and take control of health in order to support our bodies in doing what it was designed to do.. heal itself?

It starts with our bloodwork!

In this workshop you’ll learn: 

  • How to read your Complete Blood Count
  • How to read your Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • How to determine if you have hyper or hypothyroidism
  • What the systolic & diastolic readings of your bloodwork tell you 
  • How to determine WHAT TYPE of Anemia you have 
  • How to distinguish between Bacterial and Viral infections
  • Key indicators that your liver and/or kidneys aren’t filtering toxins properly
  • To determine the strength of your immune system
  • How to catch an allergic reaction in the blood
  • Types of white blood cells and their action in the body 
  • Relation of RBC & RDW to blood clots & stroke


This two hour workshop is for:

  • Holistic Health Specialists who are interested in learning another method in which you can use to assist your clients in restoring or maintaining vitality within their bodies. 
  • Anyone who is sick and tired of being given the run around at the doctor & is interested in taking their health into their own hands, forcing their doctor to work for them and not the opposite.
  • Anyone who suffers from Anemia and can’t seem to shake it because you weren’t told there are more reasons for anemia than just low iron.
  • Anyone who seeks to be proactive in yours and your family’s healthcare.


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