Why Plant Based?


⁉️Why are we predominantly plant based? 🌱 ⁉️

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Here is an abbreviated, but still long, story of why I made the transition. I hope it inspires you!

Although I would dibble and dabble in plant based options for about 5 months prior to this event, things changed drastically for me as of March of this year.

Chronic constipation and slow motility “run in my family” and due to 16 months of doctor errors, I almost lost my son to this condition.

Eli was born with an umbilical hernia, which as we were told would go away on it’s own as his abdominal muscles got stronger. Well, over time, instead of getting smaller, it got bigger and bigger. He began having watery, foul smelling poops, and we felt something was wrong. His stomach was enormous(1st & 2nd pics)! Every doctor we went to told us, “it’s just his hernia, it feels fine, so we will just keep waiting until he’s five to be sure it won’t close on it’s own”. Though it never sat right with us, this was the answer multiple doctors gave us so they must be right! Right? ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

In March, Elijah was admitted to the hospital for a second time EMERGENTLY due to his bladder being 3x it’s normal size and his colon being the size of AN ADULT MALE’s HEAD(3rd pic). They removed and decompressed it(4th pic) and decided to disconnect it for a while to allow it to rest. They did this by giving him an illeostomy bag where only his small intestine would be active and all bowel movements would flow from the small intestine right into the bag. (Post surgery 5th pic).

Within days, I saw my once seemingly healthy 2year old baby boy with the big tummy wither away before my eyes 😢. He was vomiting all day and all night. He couldn’t eat. It seemed his body was rejecting the surgery. We could see almost every bone in his little fragile body(6th & 7th pic). This was THEE scariest moment of my entire existence because I could tell, he was giving up.😭

How do you convince a 2year old, who has more knowledge of the goodness of the other side than he does this new world, who has no children or spouse depending on him... to fight?? What is there to fight for? However, I wrapped my baby in my arms, all 24lbs of him(pic 😎 , and began to sing and affirm healing. I talked to him and told him “Baby, you’re brilliant, everyone who meets you sees it, so I KNOW you understand what mommy is about to say. I know this is scary, it’s painful, it hurts, it’s hard, and you feel betrayed by us allowing so much to happen to you. It’s gonna get better baby I promise. Mommy just needs you to fight okay? Mommy needs you not to give up! I love you! We all love you and we’re gonna help you every single step of the way. Fight for me baby”

To this day, Idk if he understood my words, but he gave me eye contact the entire time. I feel like he heard the energy of my soul. He felt the frequency of my love.. and my baby.. he fought! 😭😭

From that day forward, he slowly progressed a little more each day and within 10 days, he was starting to regain his strength and play again. He was the Eli we all knew(video).☺️

Before discharge, we had a few more procedures to endure which weren’t fun, but they were small compared to what he’d already endured.(pics 9 & 10) However, we got through them and he was released on his 3rd birthday, March 30th 2019 weighing only 29lbs. Still weak, still walking funny, but he was happy.. we were happy..he was alive! 🙌🏽 (11th pic).

Fast forward to now, Eli is 40lbs, SOLID! Running around, speaking full sentences using words some adults don’t even know and shocking everyone he meets with his intellect and his energy! My sonshine is my hero! He helped me to see that I can’t wait around for anyone to help us. I can’t be REactive. I must be PROactive and protect him any way that I can and the only way proven was through OUR DIET!!

After leaving that hospital, I knew that adopting a predominantly plant based lifestyle was the key to healing and now that I’ve had Akiyla Mc Queen, Neptune LoveWisdom & Marvin White as mentors in assisting me further along my journey, I am 100% ready for when he has his reversal surgery next year. Neither he nor my unborn son will ever have to endure a medical issue due to what I, their mother and nurturer feeds them! Every single thing I give them will bring forth life and it’s the absolute best decision I’ve ever made!! 🙏🏽

I know this was long, so if you made it through, thank you ☺️ I hope this inspires you to take CONTROL of your own health BEFORE the doctors tell you something catastrophic. BEFORE you’re on 7 medications a day to function SOMEWHAT normally. BEFORE your life consists of pain meds, surgeries, and decreased mobility.

Royalty Holistics was born because of this little guy’s story, so believe me when I say, the body was designed to heal itself and with focused intention, healing is inevitable! I am here to assist you along that journey!!

I love y’all for real! 💚🙏🏽✨


UPDATE: As of NOB ember of 2020, Eli has been off of medications and is gaining weight faster than ever! His health is better than it ever has been before as he takes Eli’s Gift, our digestive health tincture named in his honor!