When taking any Royalty Holistics herbal compound, it is highly recommended that you follow the General Meal Recommendations to ensure optimal results. We recommend that you eat this way for a MINIMUM of 14days prior to introducing our herbal compounds to your system to increase the speed of effectiveness and reduce excessive detox symptoms. Though our compounds work great for simply treating ailments, if total rejuvenation and restoration is what you’re seeking, please implement the General Meal Recommendations by clicking here.


As I always mention, symptoms are not the enemy! Symptoms are a sign that the body is working to heal itself & they should NOT be suppressed. At first you'll feel worse, and you'll relive your symptoms over time, as they unwind. You may experience die-off from blood sugar fluctuations, and may require more rest for a time.  You may also notice weight fluctuations because the body needs to shed toxicity, and underperforming cells, and rebuild itself, so this takes time. 

Once you’re about 2 weeks in, you'll experience pleasurable highs, with the occasional lows as deeper toxins are accessed in the tissues. Give the body time to do what it was designed to; heal itself! These are really merely symptoms that we repressed long ago, when the body was trying to release something then. 

If you need to slow detox symptoms them, eat more vegetables. Meat, dairy, eggs, etc, will not only stop them, but add to the toxic load.

As you’re detoxing, this is where the herbs come into play as they will be assisting you with coping with symptoms & supporting the restoration of optimal functionality of your cells, organs, systems & eventually your body as a whole.

Detox symptoms can last one hour, one day, three days, one week, or even up to three weeks. It depends on the level of toxicity in an individual. Again, these are all great signs that your body is responding and cleaning out the toxicity and also rebuilding the weakened areas.

Click Here to view detox symptoms sheet.


What type of Emotional Eater are you?

Your eating style is one of the most important factors to consider when adopting a successful healing program. To find out your eating style, take the quiz here.

What do my Cravings Mean?

After taking your quiz, click here to assist yourself in moving through the root of your cravings. This journey isn't just physical, but extremely mental as well. Knowing when you crave, and why you crave will assist you in navigating the space of ridding yourself of your cravings.