Meet The Team

Tanisha has been in the Health and Wellness field for 9 years and has worked as a Health consultant, personal trainer, spiritual guide, and herbalist. After formulating a tincture and protocol to assist she and Malik’s eldest son, she began sharing her newfound passion for Holistic Health with the community and has since assisted with over 30 different ailments in over 300 different clients. She has always been an advocate for self love, peace, and healing within her home first and then the community.


With her 9 years of experience in the Health and Wellness field and her heart for the mind, body, and spiritual healing of the collective, she continues to pave way for the redemption and prosperity of generations to come!


Malik has been in the Information Technology field for 10 years and has worked both in Governent positions with the US NAVY as well as in Corporate America. He is known for his super natural ability to apply logic, science, & facts to a plethora of situations at once, while sorting through each one’s outcome, and choosing the proper solution in seconds which is a vital part of any business.


He is extremely detailed in his approach and specific in his execution process making him the foundation and structure of Royalty Holistics LLC operations


Together, they make up the dynamic duo that continues to make an impact on the Health and vitality of their community..