About Us

Helping you cultivate your relationship with self.


For ages, humans have practiced a variety of healing and self-care methods that offer wellness of the physical body and beyond. As the gap between science and faith gets smaller, more and more people are looking for ways to achieve holistic rejuvenation through various systems.


At Royalty Holistics, we believe in the power of science, nature, the divine, and the human body all at the same time, and our mission is to bring you closer to a life filled with physical and spiritual nurturing.


A mission rooted in motherly love.


Eli’s Gift is our brand’s revolutionary product, but it was not created with the intention of making profit. This digestive health formula is one of the many tangible representations of a mother’s love for her son.


When you are faced with a challenging situation where your family’s health is on the line, you will stop at nothing to make it work. Back in 2018, Eli began having severe stomach issues that causes us to be in and out of the hospital for two months at a time. He ended up getting an ileostomy in 2019 right before his third birthday. After his ileostomy surgery, we began helping his body by giving him our sea moss gel. Eli showed progress with the sea moss gel, but his condition was too complex and eventually, we ended up going back to the hospital for extended stays a few more times. During his last hospital stay in 2020, I ended up formulating a tincture that could help him.


When we left the hospital in April 2020, I made and began administering the tincture to Eli. Eli’s Gift is the product I used to try and combat the symptoms that would land us in the hospital time and time again, and it worked! 



Our Eli was back to being a kid again and we never went back to the hospital! Since then, we’ve assisted our community with various ailments and as a family based business, we seek to offer what we have learned about the body, herbs, nutrition, and over all health with you so that you too can provide help to your “Eli.”


We are more than just a brand, we are a movement!


Royalty Holistics exists to assist you in remembering how to function as the whole being that you are. We do so by practicing fitness in its totality through intentional movement, cell rejuvenating supplements and food, and spiritual guidance. We believe in healing that starts from within our bodies, and we are on a movement to showcase how that is possible.


We are confident that you too will find value in our products and services and become a part of the movement! We believe that with focused intention, healing is inevitable. Our bodies were created to heal themselves, so shall it be!


We love y’all for real! Peace and Blessings to you.