Does it hurt? Or is it uncomfortable?

Does it hurt? Or is it uncomfortable?

Yesterday I spent all day traveling, thus the reason for the picture of me above the clouds lol. I am attending a business conference in Houston TX for a few days and of course regardless of where I go, the rising routine must take place!

All that travel had my hips tight, so I was heavily focused on hip opening yoga poses! Well, I was holding Mandukasana(frog pose) for a while and felt like it was hurting and time to move forward. As I was about to move from the pose and I heard spirit say:

Does it hurt? Or is it uncomfortable?? 🤯

So I stayed in the pose for 3 more minutes. I was brought to tears and realized, I was releasing the emotions and trauma that had been stored at that deep level! That NEW LEVEL!!

Had I shifted when it got uncomfortable, I would still have that trauma stored & would have been unable to tap into my deeper/higher level!

So I take this yoga lesson off of the mat & into life asking myself…Does it hurt?? Or is it uncomfortable?

Does facing your fears hurt?
Does holding yourself accountable hurt?
Does eating life foods hurt?
Does setting boundaries with that toxic person hurt?
Does quitting that habit that not serving you hurt?
Does speaking up for yourself hurt?
Does investing in yourself hurt?
Does leaving that toxic relationship hurt?
Does being your authentic self regardless of your surroundings hurt?

Or.. is it uncomfortable?!

Take actionable rest in your discomfort & trust that you will be released into your deep level, your new level, your higher level on the other side of it!

Here is a blog that contains a few hip opening yoga poses to release trauma:


I like to listen to this song while doing these poses so that my nervous system is safe as I release traumas stored deep into my SOAS muscle(hips):


Happy Healing Family 💚  

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