COVID recommendations

COVID recommendations



Each day start the rising with COVID STEAM:


fresh garlic

Fresh ginger

Fresh Lemon


Boil in a pot of water and allow it to cook just a tad as you don’t want steam to burn you but you want it to be hot enough to open and moisturize lungs. Cover head with towel over steam for 10-15min.


Afterwards, drink a warm(take fruit out and sit them in warm water before you start boiling your water for the steam) sea moss smoothie loaded with fruits(lots of berries) and 2tbsp of sea moss.


Take 1tbsp of Royal Cider every 4hrs day one. If you see progress, you can move to 2x a day two(you don’t have to wake during the night to take it). 


Stop taking Royal Cider 4hrs before bed so that you can take a probiotic right before bed to replace the good bacteria in digestive system. You can’t take it with the cider because it’s so potent, it will kill the probiotic. (This is optional)


If possible: take zinc & a multi-vitamin daily!

 Do knee raises for 10 minutes in 30s to 1 minute intervals to keep lymphatic system moving and process out toxins. Ex. 1 minute of knee raises. Rest 1 minute, repeat for 10minutes. Do this 3x a day.

If you are experiencing shortness of breath, take the Iron Fist as well. 2.5oz 2x a day to support iron & O2 levels.

Avoid mucus producing foods: 


Red meat(beef & pork) 

Eat raw fruit/vegetables with every meal.

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