What I do for UTI

What I do for UTI

Peace and love family! Tanisha here, and for the first time in I’m unsure how long, I have a UTI 😳. Though I don’t rejoice when dis-ease visits my body the few times it does, I definitely rejoice at the thought of the knowledge I possess and appreciate the gift of my work! Creating/finding remedies that work is so fulfilling and so I’ll share with you things that I do when plagued with a UTI. First, a little education!

Single cell organisms/bacteria were the 1st cells to evolve & existed for billions of years alone. Since eukaryotes(have a membrane bound nucleus) evolved from them, they must play a huge part in the functionality of eukaryotic species. Humans of course fall into that category, so why are antibiotics amongst the top 10 prescribed drugs in the US?  This money hungry system is foolishly or intentionally (I vote the latter) killing good bacteria, weakening the functionality of ours immune, digestive, respiratory, and reproductive systems! Bacteria is NOT the enemy! Our creator has given us food and herbs as medicine to assist our bodies in fighting off bad bacteria & restore our natural biome without harming it. Let’s tap in! 

Click here to view a part of my protocol, the rest is for you, my Royal Court Family! 💚 The products mentioned are Royal Cider, Para-Poof, Lymph-Elim, and KB-Boost. 


1. Drink 48-64 Oz of Fresh Pressed Juice Daily- This is NOT the store bought juice that says 100% juice then you read the nutrition factors to discover it’s actually 10% real juice. I prefer drinking cranberry grape juice as they both have the compound proanthocyanidins that acts as an anti-adhesive preventing bacterium from attaching itself to the urinary tract. This disables its ability to grow and multiply, allowing you to flush out toxins much faster. I like to use this recipe:

  • 2cups organic cranberries (if not organic, place in 4cups water to 4tbsp peroxide and clean for 30 seconds)
  • 1/2bag of grapes
  • coconut water to taste

Here is an inexpensive juicer


blend your fruit in a blender and strain the add coconut water. 

2. UVA Ursi, Horsetail, and Hibiscus Tea-

Uva Ursi compound called Arbutin that acts as an antibacterial for E. coli- one of the most common causes of UTI. 

Horsetail has astringent, diuretic and tissue healing properties that allow it to effectively fight a urinary tract infection.

Hibiscus has a high concentration of bacteriostatic compounds may kill bacteria as effectively as the antibiotic chloramphenicol.

Visit your local wellness store for herbs. Sprouts or Whole Foods May carry these as well.

Tea Protocol:
1/4 c UVA Ursi, 1/4 c Horserail, 1/4x Hibiscus. 
2tsp per 8oz of water 2x daily for 10 days. This will count towards water intake as well. Add 1tsp of Manukka Honey(or regular honey) as sweetener and for anti-inflammatory benefits.

3. D-Mannose supplements- Although I prefer consuming all things in their natural raw form, some UTIs are more painful than others so you may need more concentrated form without guzzling gallons of cranberry juice lol. Take 1.5 grams twice daily for 3 days, and then once daily for 7 more days.

Along with those, I recommend:

  1. Use a heating pad when lying down to assist with any discomfort or inflammation.
  2. Remember to empty your bladder as much as possible to release the bacteria that your body will be expelling. Holding your urine only weakens the bladder and kidneys more and allows bacteria to pool, so release! 

I hope this helps you for years to come as prescription antibiotics are destroying our body’s ability to fight of invaders and weakening our physiological response. Though it is convenient to just get a prescription filled, pop the pill and be done with it, convenience is killing us and we must return to the ways of our ancestors to fight this health war! 

As always, I love y’all! For real! 💚☮️✨

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