The Protein Myth!

The Protein Myth!

I get so many questions regarding protein & as an ex personal trainer & fitness competitor, this is a mind blowing topic.

Humans were designed to be fruitarian, meaning fruit is our staple food & during times of healing, our diets should consist of 60% fruits or more. If you look at our anatomy & physiology, we most resemble primates & when you look into the mouth, it’s even more obvious. Years of misinformation and programming have intentionally removed us from the truth to keep us sick because a thriving vessel & mind are much more difficult to control!

Let’s start at the beginning, the basics.. babies! We all started as babies whose primary source of nutrition was milk. Our natural milk by design is human breast milk which is composed of 3-5% fat, 0.8-0.9% protein, and 6.9-7.2% carbohydrates(in form of lactose) & 90% water of course. Cow’s milk is 3x that & the proteins it consist of are extremely difficult to digest for humans.

Breast milk is carb dominate (simple sugars), secondarily fat, & minimal protein. Simply put, the composition of breast milk is similar in to that of fruit, our natural food! You want to get sick? Eat food with an opposite ratio to this! Look at us as a people, we’re taught that carbs are bad, fat is bad, we need more protein, which is totally opposite in ratio to what we actually need, leading to sickness at levels we’ve never seen before. Are you seeing the DIRECT connection? 

Going further, look at primates who eat fruit all day everyday. They are massive, muscular, and powerful with zero meat consumption. Studies show that when you give a primate protein/meat, they get violent and aggressive, which only makes sense because carnivores have to hunt for their food. They have to develop a desensitization to harming another for the sake of their own self preservation. 

We as humans are supposed to be a compassionate people, yet through diet & intentional programming, we have become animalistic & barbaric in nature. We are desensitized to the suffering of others which is why crime rates are climbing consistent with the increase of meat and processed foods. We must return to that which brings peace, balance, & life!

Common Misconceptions

I have Diabetes, aren’t fruits bad for me?

NO! Fruits/fructose DOES NOT require insulin or extensive digestive enzymes. Check out this short video I did addressing this myth!

Disregard my attire, as I believe in balance, comfort, & reality! I’m not a video vixen celebrity that will be “on fleek” every time I show my face. Perfection is impossible & causes undue stress. I love me in all forms, you should too!


Fruits feed candida:

Experiment: Sit out a piece of bread, cheese, & a ripe banana on your counter top & see which one grows mold(fungus) first. I guarantee you it will be between the cheese & the bread because they are already fermented. Fruit will only grow mold as it BEGINS to ferment.

Nature uses the parasitic kingdom to clean and eliminate that which is not needed, damaged, or in someway loses its ability to support life in a healthy way. Healthy cells and lymph fluid do not require parasitic action. With this in mind, what type of sugar COULD feed Candida (yeast, fungus, molds, warts, etc.)? STARCHES and EXCESS SUGARS! They are inadequately digested as we don’t produce the proper enzymes for digestion, so they ferment & putrefy(decaying process) in our guts which then requires parasites to manifest themselves to finish the job. Think about how parasites grow onto road kill carcass, or meat if you leave it out or even old food if it’s left out too long. They feed on it until it’s gone, then they die out as well. The only issue with this is, humans never allow the parasites to die because we consistently eat meat, processed sugars, dairy, and death!

In conclusion, deep-tissue detoxification can only take place with fruits and water fasting. Vegetables, do detoxify, but in comparison to fruit, they have lower energetic, antioxidant and astringent properties, They are also natural restorers/builders(plant protein) and no one builds a new house on a rocky foundation. Add fruit and herbs to the mix and you will have the superior way to win over the conditions you created through your diet, mental process, and lifestyle. It’s time to heal! 💚

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