The first step to detox

The first step to detox

Detox is such a fad these days and months ago, I never preached detox for this very reason. I still cringe at the sight of the word, but it’s a part of my normal vocabulary now because it’s necessary. 


The reason I hate the word is because so many people partake in “detoxes” but have no clue of what true detox is, does, or what’s even required to do so safely and effectively. This is why so many people detox and then gain the weight right back or get right back sick. 


The first goal and important milestone of  detoxification is for you to achieve filtration of your lymphatic system. If you detox an organ or body system, those toxins are pushed from that system into the blood which then goes to the lymphatic system(your body’s natural sewage system). If the lymphatic system is stagnate, the toxins show themselves by way of the skin(the body’s third kidney) by way of breakouts(eczema, boils, acne, discoloration, etc.). If this is ignored or symptoms are repressed, the toxins linger and are eventually pushed back into the body & the vicious cycle continues. Sickness can progress & manifest itself into disease & even cancer. 


When working with a client, I like to start by restoring kidney and adrenal gland(pyramid shaped glands that sit atop each kidney) function which I make myself aware of when reading their CBC/CMP* charts. This is important because if the kidneys aren’t filtering lymphatic waste properly, the creatine in your blood will rise. At .7, you should get worried. At 1.0, you’re headed toward dialysis if you don’t make immediate changes. If you’re unable to read your CBC/CMP chart, get someone trusted to read it for you, or book a consultation with me. If you don’t have a recent CBC/CMP chart, you may also test kidney filtration at home. Though this doesn’t give you a number, it’s a sure way to physically see your kidneys in action. 


Pee into a jar and leave it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours (4 hours at minimum) allowing the sediment to settle to the bottom. You can also leave it in the refrigerator overnight. The best time to collect & check for sediment is first thing in the morning. Some people, however, may see more sediment in the evening, which could be due to an increase in adrenal function in the evening or as a result of astringents ingested during the day.

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If you’re not filtering, you will not see anything settling to the bottom & you should begin the Royal Feast diet as well as consume organic herbs like Cleavers, White Oak Bark, Rhodiola & plantain leaf to name a few. You may also purchase our Royal Prep Package.

 I have faith that this has given you more confidence in your ability to asses your kidneys’ state of being. If you have any questions, feel free to email

*CBC-Complete Blood Count

*CMP-Complete Metabolic Panel

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Hello, I pray all is well. I am writing for my mom. We already know she is in late stage kidney disease.. last we checked she was at 11% this was months ago. I have given seamoss smoothies, black seed oil.. juiced fruit and vegetables.. some time she strays .. I would just appreciate any suggestions.. thank you….. Rhonda

Rhonda Feaster

Hello, I had my thyroid removed couple years ago. Which do you recommend. I take .112 mcq of levothyroxin ( thyroid replacement)

Denise Lisenbee

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