Remember Juneteenth!

Remember Juneteenth!

Peace and love Family! Juneteenth is tomorrow 🥰 & we are excited to celebrate with you! What is Juneteenth you may ask?
Commemorating the emancipation of enslaved people in the United States, observed on June 19th.

Juneteenth is OUR 4th of July and for me, it is the day of remembrance. To remember & reflect on all of the emotional traumas we relive as a people:

  • Weak kidneys and adrenal glands passed down to us from our ancestors as a form of genetic protection that we may have a strong sense of fight or flight and increase our chances of surviving the white man(society) and now, our neighbors (impoverished neighborhoods in survival mode 24/7)
  • Rape in the family due to slave masters forcing our suns, uncles, & brothers to have sex with us. Now, it happens without the hand of the white man directly.
  • Whooping our children to ensure that they do NOTHING outside of what it demanded of them because we knew if they disobeyed a white man or woman, it could mean death. We continue this without even understanding why today.
  • Perming and straightening our coils(hair) to look as white as possible because we wanted to be received as acceptable in the eyes of whites. This taught us to subconsciously despise what true black beauty looks like. If we can hate ourselves, we can hate anything or anyone that reminds us of us.
  • Eating dead “foods” because slave masters often gave us the scraps or parts of animals they didn’t want. We cooked them thangs up and added our melanin magic to them, but it was the beginning of us forgetting our natural God Source of food, plants!


The list can go on and on but these are things that we relive as reminders of what we endured, overcame, & alchemize to work in our favor. Once we know better, we must do better, so with this realization of where these behaviors come from, let’s celebrate Juneteenth  by choosing to break these cycles mentally, spiritually, & physically. 

Let’s remember the pain & strength of those that come before us and allow it to fuel our drive & be our source of restoring the Royalty of our bloodlines! 

Happy Juneteenth family 💚

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