When are we gonna start showing up for our sisters the same way we do for our men? Like sis let me put my pride aside and apologize. Sis I love you and I want us to have an understanding so we can move forward. Sis I acknowledge your perspective and emotions and I support you through your growth.
We’re down to sacrifice it all for our men but when it comes to sisterhood “they should have known better”.
Like what happened to relationship??
What happened to teaching someone how to love you and THEN holding them to that standard?
It’s like we expect folk to just KNOW how we give and receive love as if it isn’t different for everyone(and there are billions of us). Then without trial and error, without teaching and expressing, we hit a bump, then we trash the whole relationship 😒🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

We gotta do better. If you aren’t actively seeking out how to be a better communicator in ALL of your relationships, you’re failing yourself of a beautiful experience. Most importantly, you’re robbing your heirs of precious time that THEY THEMSELVES will have to spend trying to figure out what you refused to learn and teach them 🤷🏽‍♀️
This is simply my perspective. These are my internal thoughts. This is how I hold ME accountable! Cause at the end of the day.. all I can control.. is me! So I aim to do so in introspect and wisdom(knowledge with action behind it)!
Control the controllable today and that simply be... you!
I love y’all! For real! 💚
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I truly love it, very inspirational


Beautiful and timely!!


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