Putrefaction in the gut

Putrefaction in the gut

Since our digestive tract is too long, an excess of meat and sugar tends to putrify in our gut. Putrefaction is the process of decay or rotting. Once this occurs, autoimmune issues arise, such as thyroid issues, rheumatoid arthritis and type 1 diabetes.
Digestive issues arise, such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn and/or bloating. As well as:
❌Sleep issues
❌Skin rashes and allergies
❌Sugar cravings
❌Unexplained fatigue or sluggishness
❌Unexplained mood disorders, such as depression or anxiety

And one that I’m extremely passionate about due to my own experience, womb issues!!

There are so many things environmentally that we partake in that unknowingly damage our wombs. It’s become such an issue that i’m seeing Queens seeking hysterectomy at 22 years old! 😳 Seeing this and making the connection to my diet, lifestyle, and a little trauma inspired me to get to work and fix things myself.

External womb detox is one of the many things I do to support womb health. I apply warm bentonite clay mixed with herbs, Royal Cider and castor oil to improve circulation, stimulate cellular health, remove heavy metals, remove toxins, provide trace minerals, eliminate harmful bacteria, break-up fallopian tube scarring and many more advantages!

I’m so excited to share my free EXCLUSIVE Womb Healing Training with you all! Due to its exclusivity, I will only accept a select group of people. Applications will open up February 14th and you don’t want to miss it! 🥰
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I have fibroids and been diagnosed with cervical cancer my OB/GYN wants me to get a hysterectomy what can I do moving forward


I developed a rash from a necklace I was wearing that looked like it burned my skin. My neck was cleared up within two weeks of using the Skin Zen. Great purchase! Now I’m about to do the Trio detox. 👍🏽


I have been using the rebirth formula for about two or three weeks now and I am highly impressed. I have suffered from chronic low back pain for years now, but am starting to see a vast improvement. I’m not exactly sure how much credit I should give to your ‘Rebirth’, but I’m willing to give it all; as it’s the only change I have made to my daily routine. I’ve recently purchased the sea moss gel and am excited to see what else is possible. THANK YOU QUEEN!!!


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