Lumps under the armpit?

Lumps under the armpit?


Day 3 of 21 (after 2nd application)
Day 3 of 21 (after second application)


As mentioned in the video, I personally recommend a 21 day armpit detox. During this time, apply the bentonite clay, turmeric, & apple cider vinegar mixture under the armpits & allow to sit for 10-15 minutes 2-3x a week. During this time, you’ll only use natural deodorant, (link to the brand I’m using below) so I recommend using Renew Gel to assist with body odor.

I also recommend drinking Lymphatic Tea 2-3x a day for the duration of the 21 days to assist your lymphatic system in ridding the body of toxins. 

1cup calendula flower

1cup cup red clover

1/2cup mullein

1/2 cup lady's mantle

1/2cup spearmint

Directions: Boil 8oz of water & pour of 1tbsp of herb. Cover and allow it to steep for 30-60minutrs. Strain and consume. If you’d like to save some time, since you’ll be drinking 2-3cups daily, you can prepare 16-24oz of water and pour over 2-3tbsp of herbs and drink 8oz at a time. DO NOT REHEAT TEA as it will kill the medicine. 

Natural Deodorant from black owned business:


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Hi how are you. Love your videos.
How can I get some bentonite


You’d purchase the herbs to make it. If you’d like, I can make it for you Queen! Just book a text consultation on my website for a special request and we will go from there 💚

Tanisha Robinson

Where can I find the lymphatic tea or do u sell it already made up.

Angela Sears

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