It’s time to experience PURE & TRUE LOVE!

It’s time to experience PURE & TRUE LOVE!

This is an exercise that I do to quickly alchemize my energy! Through doing so, I fall more in love with myself as Im able to honor and reverence the power within me! 

The bold areas are where you will place your own thoughts. I’ve filled this out with my personal answers for transparency and an example. Comment and let me know how this is working for you or even share it with the community on social media using hashtag #GoddessTalk👑💫✨

When I feel a negative emotion swelling up within, I stop and take a deep breath.

Affirm: My body is releasing neuropeptides of peace and tranquility. A gentle wave of serenity and relaxation is moving through me now.

When I see or experience something that ignites a negative reaction, affirm: I can let that go. I release and relax. I choose peace.

I was taught to believe that:

Success equals money and credentials.

I must behave or BE a certain way or DO a certain thing in order to be lovable.

I am terribly flawed and can’t do anything right

I must people please to be accepted and fit in.


All of these beliefs are false and they make me feel:

inadequate, inferior, weak, and powerless.


I now know/am learning that:

Success is depicted upon how I VIEW it. I am successful for simply discovering myself. I am lovable for simply existing. I’m great at loving myself which only attracts more love to me. I am lovable without action. I am perfect just as I am in each moment because I am connected to the infinite. NOTHING about me needs changing. Those that are for me will love and accept me as I am with no facade or no deeds performed.

I was taught: not to trust people. That they come into your life to receive and once they do receive, they leave.

This makes me feel: on edge. Always looking to please someone enough that they won’t leave, but not controlling whether what I did was good enough or not. Every time they were disappointed in me or we disagreed, I felt pure anxiety that this would be the time they leave.

Doing this and answering these questions over time has given me a healthier concept. Not so much about others but more so about myself. When it comes to people, not everyone is looking to take advantage. I was self sabotaging by giving people who didn’t prove themselves worthy the best of me and not understanding that it’s human nature to accept whether you have it to give back in return or not. I realize that being myself is perfect! I will attract those who genuinely deserve and desire to be a part of my life and vice versa.

Anytime a negative ”I’m not good enough” situation arises(they rarely do these days), I simply remind myself that I AM in fact enough and that the situation isn’t so deep that I should internalize it. Truly being introspective in that very moment enough to see if I did my best with good intention and if so, walk forward in fulfillment knowing things will be as they must.

I am now open to giving and receiving love freely and baby when I love, I love GOOD! My friends, and close loved ones can attest to it 🥰

REMEMBER!! This is a journey, not a race, nor a destination. The work is progressive and sometimes repetitive, but with consistency, you look up and find yourself evolving! Be patient and compassionate with yourself as these are attributes that you will find that you’re able to extend more effortlessly to others once you yourself have mastered them first! 

You are SO POWERFUL! This is the first step in helping you see just how much. Peace, love, light, and life to you! 🙏🏽

I love y’all! For real! 💚☮️✨

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OMGoodness, those words, almost all of what you said is/was me. I still have somethings I’m still working on but I felt all of what you said. Your energy and your light is so beautiful. I’ve been truly blessed to have met you. I thank you Queen. I appreciate and I am proud to say, “I know this Queen and she’s awesome.”

Camille Bennett

Keep reaching Queen. Proud of you. I’m getting ready to order some more Seamoss.


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