I took my Womb back! You can too!

I took my Womb back! You can too!

PCBs and Dioxin are two types of hazardous waste materials that exist heavily in fish, meat, and dairy products.

It has been shown that exposure to environmental PCBs and dioxin can cause spontaneous endometriosis. Dioxins are also found in feminine hygiene products and is absorbed into the body where it collects in fatty tissue.

Speaking for myself, I grew up eating many more items that contain these waste materials than I did raw, whole, life producing foods. As if that weren’t enough, as a black woman, physical cleanliness is holiness where I come from lol. With that in mind, I grew up on fragranced chemical feminine sanitary products as well so being diagnosed with endometriosis didn’t seem to be “spontaneous” to me.

I remember vividly getting EXTREMELY bloated after every meal and thinking it was just because I had a small physique. Feeling pain and pressure in my pelvic area and always feeling the need to urinate or defecate only to get to the restroom and trickle a little or not pass anything at all. Getting migraines every evening because I ate a high protein(high meat) diet as a fitness enthusiast. Going to the doctor 2x a month because I kept getting UTIs that had me thinking my soul was on fire 😬😭😅 only to be prescribed antibiotics and pyridium.

I’ve learned to listen to the signals my body sends me and jump into fixing and supporting it at the foundation of the issue instead of attempting to bandaid the symptoms with miralax, gas relief medications, acid reflux medications, alleve, and antibiotics.

Since I partnered with my body, I found out just how abnormal my day to day life was as it relates to symptoms I had grown accustomed to dealing with. I’m so thankful that I got frustrated enough to take the steps necessary to reverse the damage I had done MYSELF!

My body is thanking me every single day in more ways than one for my honoring it’s efforts to work with me and because of the LIFE I feel now, I won’t go back!! 🙌🏽
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