Everything you do and go through is perfect!

I was having a phone conversation with a Queen this past weekend and she asked me about “proper practices” for doing things like meditating and cleansing her aura with sage. She’s already been practicing both, however, she felt as if maybe she wasn’t doing something right.


This is a normal and healthy inclination to have. You want to execute things correctly, especially when they hold great meaning to you. However, I invite you deeper.


When I started my journey to self discovery, I consistently looked up things to tell me how to navigate this journey. I mean, when I went to church, there were requirements. Dress a certain way, stand when the pastor takes the pulpit to preach, there was an order of service, pass the offering plate to the right, etc. There was also a way to usher in the Holy Spirit. I had participated in these ritualistic behaviors all my life, so it’s only right to apply them to this right? WRONG!


Spirituality, for me, is about getting to know God within, yourself, so much that you trust your intuition completely. You trust that EVERYTHING YOU DO AND GO THROUGH ARE PERFECT!


Now, I’m not naive, so I know things happen that don’t necessarily feel good. Its SUPER annoying when you’re in a rush and someone cuts you off. However, spirit will teach you to look beyond the moment. Imagine that, that person cutting you off delayed your trip by 7 seconds which is exactly what you needed to prevent you from being the victim of the deadly car accident further down the road.


It is painful when you get your heart broken, but spirit will teach you to see the benefit in all things. Had you not experienced this heartbreak, you wouldn’t be so focused on your goals, or healing childhood traumas; hindering you incapable of appreciating the one who will come along and meet your requirements for love.


That’s two examples, you get my drift?


What I’m saying is, EVERYTHING YOU DO AND GO THROUGH IS PERFECT FOR THAT MOMENT. Maybe you don’t know it all, no one does! However, what you know in THIS moment allows you to make THE BEST decision for YOURSELF that in turn produces a ripple effect to get you the lessons and experiences you need to acquire the wisdom for the next level of self mastery.


From childhood, we are taught to value the opinions and needs of others before our own. We must break the habit of trusting external entities and sources over ourselves and cultivate a relationship so solid with self that we trust US enough to release the fear, self doubt, harsh judgement, and neglect we inflict upon ourselves daily.


How do we start? By building a relationship with self.


I want you to write down three promises you will keep to yourself.

  1. A date. Plan to do something for yourself AND ACTUALLY FOLLOW THROUGH. Don’t be the date that stands you up 🙄 This breaks your trust with self even more. Really, ask yourself how you would feel if someone asked you on a date and the time came and they were a no show?! Don’t do this to yourself! This date can simply be to lock yourself in the bathroom and relax in the tub. It can be getting a mani & pedi. It can be a walk in nature etc. Just try and refrain from doing something with a lot of people. Think first dates, you want to do something that allows you to talk to your date and figure out their thought processes and personality. The same goes for building a relationship with the most important individual in this dimension, YOU! This tasks will help you to trust that you will keep your word, causing you to be more impeccable with your words and to always protect yourself!
  2. A task. NO PROCRASTINATION! The goal here is to build confidence in your ability to execute. We find ourselves stagnant in our goals because we find every excuse to put something off. Have homework? Put it on the calendar and as soon as that day and time arrives, DO NOT FILL IT WITH ANOTHER TASK! DO NOT MULTITASK. Sit down and complete the task scheduled and watch how disciplined and accomplished you feel afterwards. 😌😉 This task will help you prove to yourself that you CAN depend on YOU!
  3. A meal. Eat something plant based. I know, I know, it’s not the most exciting if you aren’t in the space of truly eating clean. However, this is to experience nourishing yourself with that of the Earth, full of life! Proving to yourself that you can be nourished, spiritually and physically, without depending on it to come from an external source. This isn’t just about the eating of food/the feeding of the flesh, this is also about digesting the fact that you have the power and tools needed to provide YOURSELF with all that you need. Free from co-dependence and external validation. Free from self negligence to keep those around you happy while betraying yourself. Free from repeating unhealthy patterns through poor boundaries to “keep the peace”. I could go on and on, but the point is, when eating this meal, sit down without distractions(tv or phone) and not only digest your food but also your thoughts and emotions. Allow yourself to be in a space of raw and genuine gratitude for loving yourself the way you just did, by completing these things!

Now share!! Come back and comment your experience when you put these into practice. I would love to read about it! Or post about it on social media and/tag @royaltyholistics  so that everyone in the community and others who aren’t can be inspired to build their relationship with self as well! 

I love y’all! For real! 💚☮️✨

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This was a great message to read and I really needed to receive this message. Peace and blessings❤

Kourtney Stroud

Great message sis as usual. I was just having this conversation this past weekend with my mom and I told her that everything is perfect and is a lesson it’s just up to us to learn and put what we’ve learned to use.


Wonderful message! Thank you! I incorporate these gems daily! It’s my core and now it’s confirmed I’m moving in the right direction. Beautiful 💜


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